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Highlighted Projects

NASA Michoud Assembly Facility (MAF) BLDG 103
Michoud/New Orleans, LA

NASA contracted Carroll Group to provide services on BLDG 103. BLDG 103 at MAF is a site with a rich history and continues into the 21st century to provide a great service. The building was constructed prior to WWII to build planes, ships, tanks and other machinery for the war effort. After the war, Wernher von Braun perceived BLDG 103 as a prime site for the manufacture of spacecraft. MAF is currently the facility used to manufacture NASA’s next generation spacecraft, Space Launch System (SLS).
Carroll Group provided on-site personnel to observe, document and assure that repairs to the roof area caused by storm damage were performed precisely to the stringent specifications and guidelines prescribed by NASA. An antiquated deck design required a thorough understanding of the specified system as well as building contents. Carroll Group personnel not only provided observation and documentation but also provided NASA with peace of mind that both the roof system was repaired and installed correctly and the contents of the building were not disturbed.



Dollar Tree/Family Dollar Distribution (Nationwide)

Dollar Tree/Family Dollar are is one of the largest retailers in the nation. Distribution facilities managed by Dollar Tree/Family Dollar house upwards of $85mil of inventory for distribution to 1100+ stores nationwide. Carroll Group provides inspections, roof design consulting, continuous observation and documentation during roof replacement as well as document management on multiple facilities throughout the United States.


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US Corps of Engineers/US Army Reserve


US Army Reserve facilities are located throughout the country and require ongoing maintenance and attention. When a new roof is required on a reserve center, the Army Corps of Engineers manages many of these projects and have strict guidelines for design and installation. Prior to roof construction, Carroll Group contracts to review technical submittals to ensure the contractor has submitted proper materials. During construction, Carroll Group acts as the government’s eyes on a daily basis assuring that specifications and guidelines are followed and provides documentation of the daily work to the government.



Data Center (Tech Sector)

Data centers being constructed and managed by tech companies are popping up all over the world. The high value of the building’s contents coupled with the complexity of design and construction require a seasoned team experienced with high end roof systems. Carroll Group has ongoing contracts with multiple tech companies and general contractors that cater to the tech market. Our services provide the full spectrum of our services and are continually evolving to provide our clients with high performing roof systems with a superior life-cycle to ensure ultimate asset protection.  


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